14 Island Links for August

September 12, 2016 | by Denise Thomas

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Here are 14 interesting links for the month of August – all Mercer Island news and notes from around the web. Enjoy!

Islanders in the News
The New York Times profiled Jordan Morris, Mercer Island High School graduate and Seattle Sounders forward, about high expectations and the pressure of getting labeled as America’s next soccer star.  [New York Times]
Islander Kayla Lee placed 7th overall in the 400 meter race at the Junior Olympic National Championships.  [Mercer Island Reporter]

Paul Allen announces the launch of Upstream Music Fest and Summit.  The inaugural 3-day festival (May 11-13) will celebrate the emerging sound of the Northwest.  (Perhaps the Mercer Island Center for the Arts could be a future community partner and venue?)

Civic News
Cameras were installed on school buses in hopes of deterring illegal passing-by vehicles.  A citation (if caught on camera) is $394. [KIRO 7 and City of Mercer Island]

The Federal Highway Administration reacted to Mercer Island’s concerns over access to the new HOV lanes on I-90 once the Center Roadway Express Lanes are closed due to the light rail.  Our City Manager quickly responded. [City of Mercer Island]

Interested in law enforcement?  There are still spots left in the 8-week MIPD Citizens Police Academy.  [City of Mercer Island]

Around the Island
The Ronald Family created Mercer Island Rocks!  Keep a look out for painted rocks that have been scattered all over the north end of the Island.  Check out their Facebook page for more information. [Mercer Island Reporter]
Enjoy the beautiful September days by Letterboxing in Pioneer Park. [Mercer Island Parks and Recreation]
Northwood Elementary opens its doors to students, marking the first school opening on Mercer Island in more than 50 years. [Mercer Island Reporter]

The dance group, Antique Kids, celebrated 20 years of dancing.  This Covenant Shores group is comprised of residents between the ages of 62 and 91. One of its founding members, Faye Christensen, is retiring at the young age of 89! [Mercer Island Reporter]

Real Estate News
Hadley Apartments is now available for pre-leasing.  The community is scheduled to be completed this fall.  (Psst … looking for a rental on Mercer Island? Be sure to check out the My MI Rental Guide.) [Multi-Housing News]

The Seattle Times reported on the accelerating pace of demolitions and new home construction throughout the Greater Seattle area, noting Mercer Island’s high number of teardowns per capita, and we took a closer look at the data here. [The Seattle Times and My Mercer Island]

The Mercer Island Distorter detailed how the Blue Angels protect Mercer Island from cyclists each year.
Photo credit: Mercer Island Rocks!