8 Island Links for January

February 7, 2017 | by Erin Sirianni

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Clarke Beach Polar Bear Plunge | Photo Credit: Matt Brashears Photography

Here are 8 interesting links for the month of January – all Mercer Island news and notes from around the web. Enjoy!
Islanders kicked off the New Year with a 50th Annual Polar Bear Plunge at Clarke Beach. [Mercer Island Reporter]

The Stroum Jewish Community Center named Amy Lavin as its new CEO, following the retirement of Judy Neuman – SJCC’s former CEO of eight years. Prior to joining the SJCC, Lavin made waves as an SJCC preschooler as well as in leadership roles at Fred Hutch Obliteride and Microsoft. [Mercer Island Reporter]

The Seattle Times featured the expansion of Freshy’s Seafood Market into Mercer Island’s downtown Hadley building, noting the market’s primary focus on local products. The new market opened on Wednesday, February 9th. [The Seattle Times]

[Must Read] The Mercer Island police busted the Rock Smash Crew, masterminds of a $3 million burglary ring, with the help of a local resident who discovered a dropped cell phone. Upon arrest, one of the burglars “was reportedly wearing a watch belonging to Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez, whose home was burglarized in November 2016.” [Mercer Island Reporter]

Northern Pike caught in Lake Washington | Photo credit: MI Police & Emergency Management

Northern Pike, a non-native species and threat to local salmon, have been discovered in Lake Washington.  Following a viral post on the Mercer Island Police and Emergency Management Facebook page, The Seattle Times also covered the discovery. [The Seattle Times]

Curbed Seattle featured a completely modernized mid-century home on Mercer Island, complete with a backyard putting green.  [Curbed Seattle]

Mercer Island legislator Tana Senn has introduced a new bill for helping kids with enhanced social emotional learning, including managing emotions, developing healthy relationships, and reducing summer learning loss. [Mercer Island Reporter]