April Art Walk: SZ Gallery's One-Year Celebration, new Mercer SOURCES gallery & more!

April 2, 2017 | by Julia Hess

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Get ready for another exciting evening of art appreciation and celebration on Mercer Island. On Thursday, April 6th, three downtown galleries will participate in Mercer Island’s First Thursday Art Walk + Wine event.

Check out the sculpture exhibit at Clarke & Clarke Art + Artifacts, then stop by Mercer SOURCES, a new art gallery on Mercer Island right next door, before making your way to a special one-year anniversary celebration at the SZ Gallery.

Please note that the galleries have different hours when they will be open for the art walk, as noted below.

SZ Gallery

Suzanne Zahr, Mercer Island architect and general contractor, invites you to celebrate the one-year (paper!) anniversary of her design/build firm and art gallery during April’s First Thursday Art + Wine event from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Since opening last year, the SZ Art Gallery has featured the work of 13 local and international artists, helped re-launch the First Thursday Mercer Island Art Walk, and hosted events for several Mercer Island community organizations. While running her gallery, Suzanne has also continued working on homes, apartments, retail spaces, and corporate interiors.

This month’s featured artists are Donatella Lombardini, Joe Iano, and Laurent Bourscheidt, all photographers from Mercer Island.

Caruccio’s will be catering, and The Islander will be providing bubbly refreshment. Come celebrate with SZ Gallery!
SZ Gallery website >>

Clarke & Clarke Art + Artifacts
This month’s theme is “Forms and Faces in Sculpture.” Featuring sculptures from as early as the year 500, this exhibit provides a unique look into world cultures from the past to the present. Clarke + Clarke will be open from 11 am – 6 pm on the day of the Art Walk.

Clarke & Clarke believes that “sculpture is an art form that is constantly evolving and redefining itself. These historic examples will endure, enrich our lives, and continue to educate us.”

Their sculptures come from world cultures such as the Sui-Tang Dynasty of late 6th Century China, the Metoko People of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Chancay culture of the Common Era, Himalaya, Tibet, and Peru.

They will also be featuring contemporary sculptures from Canada, the southwestern US, and the Alaskan Inuit people.

Come enjoy, learn, experience, collect, and be enchanted with the unique and artistic creations of many world cultures.
Clarke & Clarke website >>

This new gallery presented by Mercer Builders unites artists, artisans, and architects from the Seattle area through presenting “art and craft alongside the work of established and emerging architects and interior designers for a complete survey of the contemporary home aesthetic.”
SOURCES will be open from 5 to 9 pm on the night of the Art Walk. Come check out their featured artists!

For more information on their artists, visit their website >>