Best places to watch the Blue Angels from Mercer Island

July 30, 2019 | by Erin Sirianni

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Seafair Weekend brings the Blue Angels back to Puget Sound to perform in the Boeing Seafair Air Show. These performances are widely anticipated by kids and adults alike, and we’ve got a great view of them right here on Mercer Island.

Here are the details you need to know:

Blue Angels perform above the Seattle city skyline

Blue Angels perform above the Seattle city skyline

This year, the Washington State Department of Transportation announced that it will not close the I-90 floating bridge for any part of the annual Seafair Airshow. 

According to WSDOT, the Blue Angels will be performing on a new flight path that eliminates the need for the I-90 bridge closure.  In the past, the Federal Aviation Administration required WSDOT to close the bridge to maintain public safety and minimize distractions.

The new flight path will take place further south than previous years, so the visibility of the show may change from Mercer Island. Since the floating bridge will remain open, it will no longer serve as a location for viewing the show; however, as in the past, the Mercer Island Police Department will temporarily close several blocks of West Mercer Way to the north of the ramps during each show for spectator use.

Blue Angels Practice & Show 2019 Schedule

  • Thursday, August 1st: 11 am – 1 pm; 2:20 pm – 3:30 pm (practices)
  • Friday, August 2nd: 3 – 4 pm (Seafair Air Show)
  • Saturday, August 3rd: 3 – 4 pm (Seafair Air Show)
  • Sunday, August 4th: 3 – 4 pm (Seafair Air Show)


Where to watch the Blue Angels perform

Here are suggested vantage points to watch from Mercer Island:

Aubrey Davis Park

Aubrey Davis Park, also known as “The Lid”

72nd Ave SE & SE 22nd St

The Lid is an expansive park built on top of I-90 to protect the neighborhood from freeway disturbances.  The “I-90 Trail” also runs through The Lid, which you can follow down to the I-90 Bridge, where you can also get a great view of the air show performances.

More park information >>

Lots of space for picnic blankets at Luther Burbank Park

Luther Burbank Park

2040 84th Ave SE

Luther Burbank is another large north-end park where you’ll find plenty of space to put down a picnic blanket and enjoy the airshow.  You might also watch from the Luther Burbank Park beach, a short walk from the South parking lot.

More park information >>

Calkins Landing

60th Ave SE Landings

Though parking may be limited, there are several small parks (also called “landings”) along 60th Ave SE that provide great vantage points for the show. These spots include Calkins Landing, Proctor Landing, and Garfield Landing. (Note: Slater Park may be closed to the public for officials’ use during Seafair.)

Landing information >>

Groveland Beach Park

80th Ave SE & SE 58th St

Groveland Beach Park is a great westside beach where you can relax on a picnic blanket, jump in the lake to beat the heat, and kids can play on a nearby playground. This year, it may provide an ideal location for watching the Blue Angels, since the Blue Angels flight path will take place further south than in previous years. 

More park information >>

Lake Washington

There’s nothing like watching the Blue Angels from a boat or a floatie on Lake Washington. Tie up with your friends, sit back, relax, and enjoy! Kayakers and paddle boards may find the water choppy, but anyone on a floatie may enjoy bobbing up and down as boats maneuver past. Don’t forget lifejackets!

Do you have a favorite place to watch the show from Mercer Island?  Feel free to share in the comments.

For information on I-90 and ramp closures during Seafair, visit: