Discover Outdoor Art on Mercer Island

June 4, 2018 | by Erin Sirianni

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Mercer Island is home to a wonderful collection of outdoor art. Some art pieces are familiar to all, like the colorful Primavera II sculpture at the east end of the Greta Hackett outdoor sculpture gallery or Kenton’s Dragon in Deane’s Children’s Park. However, many are hidden in plain sight and go unseen by most passersby who aren’t looking for them. Ever notice the Boy and the Alligator sculpture in downtown Mercer Island? I hadn’t, and so I went to find it.

Find it, I did, and after a little research, I learned that this sculpture was commissioned by McDonald’s in 1989 at the City of Mercer Island’s encouragement. The City had recently commissioned two other pieces, The Farmers & Growing Up, by Richard Beyer (best known for creating one of Seattle’s most famous artworks, “Waiting for the Interurban”) toward bringing “some humor to a community that took itself too seriously.”

Then I set off to find and photograph more outdoor artwork on Mercer Island and found an impressive variety, some which simply made me smile and others which served as a moving reminder of tragic historical events, such as the World Trade Center artifacts at the Mercer Island Fire Station 92. I hope you enjoy this gallery – click on any individual photo to learn more about each art piece. Curious to see them in person? Grab a friend or family member and discover them for yourself on your own outdoor art tour on Mercer Island.