European-style flower shop, Anthophiles, now open on Mercer Island

September 19, 2016 | by Erin Sirianni

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Anthophiles, Mercer Island’s newest flower shop, just opened downtown in the northeast corner of the Mercer Luxury Apartments building.

Locally owned by Mercer Island residents Bill Kratz and his wife Connie Manuel, Anthophiles is modeled after a “European-style bucket shop.”

anthophiles“We sell flowers for your every day life,” Kratz said. “You might stop by and pick up a bouquet on your way to a dinner party.”

Kratz and Manuel derived the flower shop’s name from “Anthos,” which means “flower,” and “phile,” which means “one that loves, likes, or is attracted to.”

Anthophiles is a bit different from traditional florist shops since it will not be focused on creating arrangements for weddings and large events.
“That’s where we felt there was a business opportunity on Mercer Island,” Kratz said. “We’re taking a European approach. We don’t use floral foam or tape, which alters the nature of the flowers.”

Kratz worked for a florist in high school and had a floral shop in college.  He and Manuel waited for years for the right spot to open on Mercer Island.

Anthophiles is a small corner shop, which some may remember as the former location of Dooz, a children’s salon. The store also sells small gift items, including a colorful assortment of vases.

The flower shop is open daily from noon to 7 pm.  The address is 7650 SE 27th St.

A website is in the works at