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Rally for Humanity – Stand with Ukraine

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March 6th, 2022 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


10201 NE 4th St | Bellevue, WA


Join the Rally for Humanity – Stand with Ukraine, organized by Larry Snyder, an extraordinary community volunteer who you may have met or recognize from a fundraising event (he is chief auctioneer and CEO of Larry Snyder Auctions), and he also works at the Mercer Island Starbucks drive-thru location 20 hours/week for Starbucks’ great benefits.

Larry is organizing this event in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and in support of his Ukrainian friend Olya, a fellow barista at the north-end Starbucks location, whose family is in Ukraine and facing the war’s devastating impacts. While this event takes place in the Bellevue Downtown Park and we typically share Mercer Island-located events in this publication, we felt we couldn’t miss this opportunity to support Larry and Olya, and there’s no time to spare to help the people of Ukraine.

Larry and Olya

Donations for Ukrainian Refugees:

If you’re interested in making a donation to support Ukrainian refugees, Larry recommends donating to Vital Solutions, a Kirkland-based non-profit organization, through which your donations will sending donations that will have immediate impact on providing humanitarian support and relief. Ben Sterciuc, the founder of Vital Solutions who is Romanian-born, and his team are currently set up at a city bordering the Ukraine and Romania (Ben’s home village), and they are helping 25,000 Ukrainians get through the border everyday. Vital Solutions will be using the funds to purchase personal hygiene products, first aid kids, sleeping bags, winter jackets, socks and gloves, and bed sheets. Donate at: vitalsol.org/donate

Event description:

Join this rally to Stand with Ukraine and denounce the madness and destruction of a nation, its culture, and its social fabric. We’ll hear the path of one young Ukranian woman and the plight of her family members. Others will share statements of faith and encouragement. You’ll also be given several ways to help support the emerging humanitarian crisis.

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