Find Your Inner Strength at Core Havn, a new Mercer Island Fitness Studio

August 9, 2021 | by Wendy K. Leigh

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The Mercer Island fitness scene recently expanded with a new boutique studio – Core Havn, which opened in Town Center at the end of June 2021. The studio derives its name from owner Catherine DeHaven and her unshakable belief that any person can become strong and secure when connecting into their individual “core,” whether that’s abdominal muscles or inner strength.

Core Havn offers Slow Resistance Training, an approach that focuses on muscular endurance, muscular strength, and mobility. Each class involves different “blocks” within the workout that challenge muscle groups utilizing “time under tension.” This triggers muscle fibers in a specific order as the instructor moves participants through the various exercises. 

Cat explains: “Not only do you work all your muscles from head to toe and the entire circumference of the body, you will also work all the types of fibers within those muscles.”

Catherine “Cat” DeHaven, owner of Core Havn fitness studio in Mercer Island. Photo by Francis Gaul

Careful not to tie herself too closely to classical Pilates programs because of how exercise science and equipment have progressed in the 100+ years since Joseph Pilates developed his approach, Cat does, however, give credence to its influence on her training. After a knee injury and corporate job led to a decrease in her fitness level, she discovered classical Pilates and eventually conquered the exclusive Romana’s (or True) Pilates teacher training program with 800+ hours of training, testing, physical demonstrations, and class planning. 

From there, she powered forward, becoming a Master Teacher Trainer (MTT) with Barr Above, an MTT with Pilates ProWorks, and a certified instructor with the American Council of Exercise, Schwinn Indoor Cycling, TRX, TriggerPoint Foam Rolling, Extreme HIIT Chaos, Lagree, and Balletone. With the new Core Havn studio, she pulls all that training together with her Slow Resistance Training certification, which is also required for all instructors at Core Havn. 

In addition to group fitness classes, Core Havn offers versatile, cutting-edge Xformer equipment that’s patented and manufactured in the USA. The Xformer takes inspiration from the Pilates Reformer and the Lagree Megaformer but comfortably fits a wider range of body types. Its versatility facilitates Slow Resistance Training exercises, traditional strength training moves, and classical Pilates poses. To get acquainted with the equipment, you can sign up for an Intro to Xformer class or a private session with an instructor (all of whom are skilled in modifying various positions, ranges of motion, or amount of resistance.)

Cat also explains that Core Havn training is designed to complement other forms of fitness, such as running, cycling, and lifting, as a great cross-training workout that helps keep participants injury-free. 

“Helping people is at the heart of Core Havn,” says Cat. “Helping clients feel strong and safe. Helping my team of instructors grow and continue to learn. I am so honored to be able to have a space in my community where I hope to have a positive impact.”

Learn more about Core Havn and sign up for a class today at Core Havn is located in Tabit Village Square at 7687 SE 27th Street, Mercer Island.