Island Links for April / May

May 8, 2017 | by Erin Sirianni

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Computer-simulation image of new I-90 configuration with Light Rail and new HOV lanes. Credit Sound Transit

Our monthly “Island Links” blog post is a curated list of the previous month’s most notable Mercer Island-related links from around the web.  Here are the latest links to catch our eye:

–  Local Politics – Who’s running, who’s not? How about you? [Mercer Island Reporter / City of Mercer Island / Mercer Island School District]
City Council

School Board

–   The I-90 center roadway lanes will permanently close on June 3rd for East Link light rail construction. [MI Weekly]
–  Mercer Island Bulldog Lola was named “First Runner Up” in the 38th Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest. [KIRO7]
–  An update on the Island Crest Park renovation project; the City revised plans after getting a high estimate and will turf the north outfield. [Mercer Island Reporter]
–  An architect for Bartell Drugs met with the Design Commission toward determining feasibility for a location in downtown Mercer Island. I followed up with Magellan Architects to learn more, and one of their representatives told me that they would not be moving forward with a location due to zoning restrictions. [Mercer Island Reporter]