Island Links for August / September

September 10, 2017 | by Erin Sirianni

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Our monthly “Island Links” blog post is a curated list of the previous month’s most notable Mercer Island-related links from around the web.  Here are the latest links to catch our eye:

Concerned Citizens for Mercer Island Parks, a local activist group, held a “Save Mercerdale Park” rally on Saturday, September 9th, in opposition of a future arts center to be located at the northwest corner of the park. High school journalists for The Islander (the MIHS newspaper) provided coverage of the event, along with some astute observations, with this article. [The Islander]

A vehicle theft on Mercer Island led to the death of a young man following a collision near SE 24th St and West Mercer Way. A Go Fund Me memorial fund was set up to support his family members and wife. [Mercer Island Reporter]

In response to a violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, West Virginia, the Mercer Island City Council voted to send a letter to the Mercer Island community affirming its role in serving to welcome “all people and all ideas in recognition that we truly are stronger and smarter together” and defend the “fundamental rights of every person in this country to live without fear of retribution or discrimination because of their race, religion, sex, national origin, color, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.” [Mercer Island Reporter / City of Mercer Island]

Additionally, the Mercer Island Police Department recently updated its policy on immigration status. In a recent video, Police Chief Ed Holmes stated that the goals of the update were to ensure that people “feel safe contacting the police regardless of their immigration status”and “enforcement of the federal immigration laws is not something for local police departments to do,” since “that is the job of the federal government.”  In accordance with the policy, Mercer Island officers will not ask about immigration status during their regular police contacts. [City of Mercer Island]

“Original Mercer Islander” Ruth Mary Close recently celebrated her 100th birthday. She has lived for a full century on Mercer Island. She and her family celebrated at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, where she was “baptized, confirmed and married.” [Mercer Island Reporter]

As a team bonding experience and to support a local family in need, the Mercer Island High School volleyball team built six bikes. The project was funded by Mercer Island Community Fund. [Mercer Island Reporter]

The Mercer Island High School lacrosse team served as “ambassadors of lacrosse” by traveling to Russia, where the sport is still in its infancy, for a 10-day trip of hosting youth clinics to teach and share their love for lacrosse with kids. [The Seattle Times]

Mercer Island students are back in school, and in timely fashion, the “Mercer Island Mimsy” has some excellent back-to-school advice. [Mercer Island Reporter / Mercer Island Distorter]