Islander and Deputy County Executive Fred Jarrett is guest speaker at MIYFS 'Giving from the Heart' Breakfast

January 31, 2016 | by Erin Sirianni

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Fred Jarrett, Deputy County Executive, to be guest speaker of MIYFS ‘Giving from the Heart’ breakfast

Here’s another great reason to attend Mercer Island Youth & Family Services’s upcoming ‘Giving from the Heart’ breakfast to take place Wednesday, February 10th.

The guest speaker will be Deputy County Executive Fred Jarrett, a longtime Island resident, who will speak about the most recent King County Initiative, Best Starts for Kids.

According to the King County website, the program will be the most comprehensive approach to early childhood development in the nation, starting with prenatal support, sustaining the gain through teenage years, and investing in healthy, safe communities that reinforce progress.

The program is funded by a six-year levy (endorsed by the Mercer Island City Council in October 2015) that will invest in prevention and early intervention strategies to increase the number of children and youth who reach adulthood healthy and ready to succeed.

Here’s a great video about the program:

Fred Jarrett, Deputy County Executive, oversees and directs the work of the Executive Branch, including its departments, operations, and policy development. He is head of the Executive Leadership Team and leads the Executive’s Reform Agenda, creating a single management system focused on improved performance and transparency for citizens and stakeholders. Fred Jarrett is rooted in Mercer Island, representing the 41st district as state senator, serving four terms in the state House of Representatives, Mercer Island Mayor, and as a city councilmember and school board member. Mr. Jarrett has also had a 35-year career at The Boeing Company.
Learn more about MIYFS’s ‘Giving from the Heart’ breakfast.  I hope to see you there!