Lakeridge K-Kids Club students organize school supply relief effort for classrooms devastated by California wildfires

April 16, 2019 | by Erin Sirianni

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Schools in and around Paradise, California, were hit hard by last year’s devastating wildfires. California’s “Camp Fire” was the deadliest and most destructive in the state’s history, causing 85 deaths and many injuries. The fire covered almost 240 square miles and destroyed nearly 19,000 structures – including homes and schools. Most students in Paradise were forced to relocate due to extreme damage to school facilities and supplies.

Lakeridge Elementary (home of the Lions) will support Paradise classrooms through “Lions’ Pride for Paradise Week,” April 22nd through the 26th. K-Kids Club, Lakeridge’s student community service club sponsored by Mercer Island Kiwanis and the PTA, connected with Paradise schools through Color a Classroom with Love to determine educators’ needs.

K-Kids Club student members made this video to help explain how Lions’ Pride for Paradise Week will work. A friendly competition between Lakeridge classrooms, during Lions’ Pride for Paradise Week, each grade at Lakeridge will be assigned a specific Paradise classroom’s online wish list of school supplies. Lakeridge families will purchase items off the wish lists, and the Lakeridge classroom that has the greatest donation total (by dollar amount) via the online wish list donations and Amazon Gift Cards will win the competition – and receive a party provided by K-Kids Club! Paradise schools and students win too – gaining sorely needed supplies to help kids learn.

“K-Kids Club cares about the students in Paradise hurt by last year’s wildfires,” said K-Kids Club student President and Lakeridge 5th grader Oscar Hokanson. “We hope Lakeridge families and our greater Mercer Island community will support Lions’ Pride for Paradise Week by donating through the online classroom wish lists and by giving Amazon Gift Cards. We sure are grateful for everyone’s support.”

For Lakeridge families, the online Paradise classroom wish lists will be released on Sunday, April 21st, on the Lakeridge PTA website. For businesses/individuals outside the Lakeridge community that would like to support schools devastated by wildfire, please deliver donated Amazon Gift Cards (in any dollar amount) to Lakeridge Elementary School’s front office (7810 SE 30th Street, Mercer Island), April 22-26. Amazon Gift Cards are available for purchase at most grocery and drug stores.

Lakeridge K-Kids Club is a community service club sponsored by Mercer Island Kiwanis and Lakeridge PTA. K-Kids provides students with an opportunity to learn about organizing projects that help others. Members develop basic leadership skills and strong moral character. Lakeridge’s K-Kids Club is led by an Advisor Team: Lakeridge teacher Amber Bobst, Kiwanis Liaison and retired Lakeridge teacher Barbara Tivnan, Parent Advisor Julia Hokanson and Parent Advisor Amanda Higgins. Questions? Email the K-Kids Advisor Team.

Mercer Island Kiwanis Club’s mission is to empower communities to improve the world by making lasting differences in the lives of children. MI Kiwanis supports Lakeridge’s K-Kids Club, the Key Club at MI High School, as well as many other local and international nonprofit organizations. MI Kiwanis welcomes new members and meets on the first and third Tuesday of the month at noon at Island House (7810 SE 30th Street, Mercer Island).

Lakeridge PTA (Parent Teacher Association) strives to support and enrich Lakeridge children’s academic and social education experience through programs and events. For more information, visit the Lakeridge PTA website.

Feature images:

  1. Mercer Island Kiwanis Club kicked off Lions’ Pride for Paradise Week with a $500 donation to Color a Classroom with Love, which will be used for school supplies in Paradise, CA. Kiwanis President Carol Mahoney presents the check to Lakeridge’s K-Kids Club.
  2. Mercer Island School District Superintendent Donna Colosky served as Paradise Unified School District Superintendent prior to joining Mercer Island Schools. Lakeridge’s K-Kids Club was honored to hear about her experiences with California’s wildfires and schools.