Lakeridge K-Kids Club visits fellow member at Seattle Children's Hospital

February 18, 2018 | by Julia Hess

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(Kids around game board, from left to right): Lakeridge students Piper Auld (K-Kids Vice President), Oscar Hokanson (K-Kids President), and K-Kids members Matthew Duffie & Ewan Lill at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

A group of Lakeridge K-Kids Club members visited fellow member Ewan Lill, who is receiving treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at Seattle Children’s on February 7th. They delivered a large packet of handmade cards, and Ewan is currently hanging the cards around his room.

The K-Kids members engaged in a spirited round of the board game, “Sorry!” during their visit. Ewan is eager to continue his involvement in K-Kids during his stay at Seattle Children’s, and will receive materials soon for an upcoming K-Kids project.

Lakeridge’s K-Kids Club is a student-led service club with a mission to develop leadership through service to the school and community. Previously, Lakeridge K-Kids Club raised $4623.66 for cancer research at Seattle Children’s.

Learn more about K-Kids Club on their website >>

[Adapted from text written by Julia Hokanson. Photos taken by Julia Hokanson.]