Letterboxing Kick-Off Celebration on Saturday, June 2nd

May 21, 2018 | by Julia Hess

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The City of Mercer Island Parks & Recreation Department invites you and your family to join in as they kick off this year’s letterboxing season with a celebration on National Trails Day – Saturday, June 2nd.

The event will take place at the Northwest Quadrant of Pioneer Park (across from Starbucks) from 10 am to noon. This is a great opportunity for kids to pick up a letterbox clue book, make a stamp and start hunting!

Like a scavenger hunt, letterboxing is an activity where you and your kids can search for clues to find hidden letterboxes throughout Pioneer Park. Begin by picking us your letterbox clue book at one of three locations on Mercer Island – the Community & Event Center, the Luther Burbank Administrative Building, or the south end Starbucks. Then start hunting! For each letterbox you find, put a stamp in your Clue Book and stamp the letterbox notepad, too, and don’t forget to leave a note for other letterbox hunters.

The letterboxing season on Mercer Island takes place from June 2nd through October 31st.  Additionally, letterboxing provides a great excuse to get out and explore Pioneer Park’s 113 acres, which includes 6.6 miles of trails.

Families and kids can turn in their clue books by October 31st to the Community & Event Center or Luther Burbank Administrative Building to be recognized for their accomplishment. The City will host a celebration for letterboxing participants in November.

Pioneer Park is located at SE 68th and Island Crest Way. Learn more about letterboxing on the City of Mercer Island’s website >>