Mercer Island native Jordan Morris named to US National Team

January 23, 2022 | by Naomi Tomky

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Photo by Hayden Schiff via Flickr, licensed by Creative Commons

Seattle Sounders’ Jordan Morris, who grew up on Mercer Island, finished up his first training camp with the U.S. Men’s National Team on Friday, and made the roster for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. One of the 28 players named, Morris previously played in qualifiers in 2017, but until last month hadn’t played for the US squad in two years.

The U.S. team currently sits in second place among the eight remaining teams in the conference, and the top three teams qualify for the World Cup scheduled for this November in Qatar. Upcoming games include one against El Salvador on January 27 in Columbus, Ohio, against Canada in Hamilton, Ontario on January 30, and against Honduras on February 2.

While Morris made the 28-man team, only 23 players can be on the game-day roster, so the forward will still have to wait to see in which games he might actually get to play. He has previously played in 40 games for the national team and scored 10 goals.