Tarywood & Tarywood Estates

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Tarywood is a neighborhood of lanes that branch off Island Crest Way and SE 72nd Place, just south of Pioneer Park.

Tarywood Estates was developed in the mid to late-1960s and features mostly mid-century modern homes. Tarywood Park was developed later – from 1985 to 1987 – and features traditional Buchan-style homes, similar to the Lakes neighborhood.

The neighborhood gets its name as the former location of Camp Tarywood, a Girl Scouts camp established in 1933. The property extended to Clarke Beach and included a lodge and cabins, and was home to a Brownie camp for young girls in the 1940s.

The school district bought part of the property in 1969. The same year it sold the property now known as Clarke Beach to the City. The district used this property as a campus for the high school humanities program, but sold the property in the early 1980s following declining enrollment.  That property is now Tarywood Park.

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