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Photo credit: Mioposto

Mioposto means “my place,” and the restaurant brings many of the personal touches of a neighborhood restaurant to the island. The window-fronted space in the Hadley building is inviting and cozy, letting passersby see straight into the open kitchen and its tile-lined, wood-fired oven in which the entire menu is cooked. The seating – both bar and table – form an “L” shape around the oven, giving it a rightful place at the center of the scene of the pizza restaurant. Or, let’s call it pizza-plus, as it holds a few other gems besides just pies.

Opened by long-time restaurant industry veterans, the restaurant operates seamlessly, both in terms of service and how it flows through the day, starting with bacon and egg breakfast pizza and shakshuka for brunch on weekends. Lunch brings the addition of a few salads and sandwiches, as well as a pizza and salad combo. Dinner expands even further on the same basic idea, adding entrees like a ribeye steak and lasagna. In between, happy hour brings $7 pies and $6 drinks like the Hemingway daquiri or a prosecco.

The pizzas themselves, though, remain the star of the show. 8” Lunch pizzas and the larger 12” dinner pies come licked with char from the hot oven, the crusts crisp and the cheese molten. And while there are the usual standard toppings – the Margherita or quattro formaggi – Mioposto truly shines with the more complex options: the clam bake with white sauce and local bivalves, or the razor thin potato slices on the le patate con tartufo.

Mioposto is located at 2601 76th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA. Learn more at www.miopostopizza.com/mercerisland.

Written by Naomi Tomky