Pon Proem Thai Restaurant

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Photo credit: Pon Proem Thai Restaurant

There’s not much hiding in this restaurant, the bare walls match the simple exterior, and the only décor is a large wooden counter that runs across the back of the room, tall shelves displaying the wine selection, and a large fish tank.

But the secret here is in the service. Everyone who walks in gets a friendly greeting from the server, who knows what the regulars want to order and can quickly suss out who is hurrying through lunch and who needs a little help navigating the menu.

Photo credit: Pon Proem Thai Restaurant

The menu follows the classic cannon of Thai-American cuisine and has any staples you might look for: pad Thai, various stir-fried meats, and chicken curries. Ordering a dish five-star earns you a pat on the shoulder and a wish of “good luck,” from a server.

The food arrives quickly and in a quantity that can only be described as worthy of multiple meals, and along with the speedy, friendly service and the generous portions, Pon Proem might be just the lunch or dinner spot you’re looking for.

Pon Proem Thai Restaurant is located at 3039 78th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA. Learn more at ponproemthai.com.