MI Game Developer Releases Award-Winning Tiny Bubbles

May 14, 2018 | by Erin Sirianni

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Stu Denman has been making video games for over 20 years. His first solo title, Tiny Bubbles, a playful and challenging puzzle game debuted on the App Store and Steam last Tuesday, May 8th.

Since then, this delightful bubble game has been wowing players and making headlines – the top mobile game site Touch Arcade named Tiny Bubbles their must-get Game of the Week.  Tiny Bubbles is currently the #1 puzzle game in the App Store, and Apple called it “one of the best new releases.” Geek Wire said it was “like no other puzzle game” and VentureBeat called it “Wonderfully creative.”

The inspiration for the game came from Stu’s late grandfather, MIT scientist Cyril Stanley Smith, who pioneered research on the strange properties of soap bubbles in the 1950s.

Although Stu is the only full-time developer working on the game, he has some local help. His wife Paulette is the game’s producer. Their neighbor James Hutt, who co-founded his own game company Triangul8, created 60 of the game’s 172 puzzles. Further down the street Stephen McKay, attorney at Karr Tuttle Campbell, helped with the legal side of forming Pine Street Codeworks LLC and is developing his own strategic board game. Another nearby neighbor and friend Ceci Bissonnette, a professional translator, improved the game’s Chinese translation.

Tiny Bubbles has won many accolades including first place awards from Google, Amazon, Intel, and SXSW and has been showcased at PAX West. The game will be released on Andriod and Amazon devices in June and on Switch this summer. See links below to download the game on the App Store and Steam.

Stu and Paulette have been Mercer Island residents for 12 years. Their two sons attend elementary school on the island and aspire to continue the family business.

Ready to play? Download the game on the App Store or Steam Store.  Learn more about the game and read the press on the Pine Street Codeworks website.