MIYFS "Fill the Van" Food Drive taking place this week

July 9, 2018 | by Erin Sirianni

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The Food Pantry operated by the City’s Youth and Family Services Department (MIYFS) depends on local food donations from service clubs, faith organizations, PTAs, businesses, individuals, and families to keep the shelves stocked. The Food Pantry is visited almost 1500 times per year by qualified Island residents, and there is typically a 30% increase in visits over the summer months. At the same time, summer is the leanest month for food donations as many of our donors are on vacation.

To bridge the gap, MIYFS is launching a new “Fill the Van” food drive campaign during the week and weekend of Summer Celebration, July 9th through the 15th. The van will be in the Summer Celebration parade and at the MIYFS booth to highlight the issue of food insecurity, which impacts some members of our community. Please bring a bag or two of non-perishable food items and help us fill the van to the roof! Also, if you shop locally at New Seasons Market, they facilitate easy donations to MIYFS at checkout. Suggested non-perishable food items for donation include canned fruit, canned tuna, pasta sauces and meals-in-a-box (e.g. Rice-A-Roni) products.

Learn more about the Mercer Island Food Pantry and how you can help at www.miyfs.org/donate/food-bank.