5 Must-Read Mercer Island News & Community Sites

January 9, 2017 | by Erin Sirianni

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If you are new to Mercer Island or even if you’re a long-time resident, you may be curious about your neighbors’ favorite local reads. We’ve been reading a couple of these resources for years (in fact, I was an intern for The Mercer Island Reporter when they still had an office downtown Mercer Island). However, some of these publications are new online media sources that have just launched or have recently gained in popularity (i.e. The Distorter and Nextdoor.com). Of course, we hope that My Mercer Island is one of your favorites, and here are five more to consider adding to your reading list:

Mercer Island Publications and Websites

The Mercer Island ReporterA Sound Publishing publication, The Mercer Island Reporter, or just “the Reporter,” has served as the Island’s primary news source since 1954. The print edition is published weekly and delivered to subscribers by mail on Wednesdays. The articles also appear online at www.mi-reporter.com. The Reporter is Mercer Island’s only comprehensive news source and is a must-read for information on local news, high school sports, a calendar of events, and The Blotter, our local officers’ accounts of crime incidents (where you may occasionally find a little humor, i.e. car prowl in which the only theft reported is a selfie stick). Support local journalism and subscribe!

Website:  www.mi-reporter.com

MI WeeklyThis is the City of Mercer Island’s weekly e-newsletter on Mercer Island government news and city information. It is one of our regular reads to learn about city-sponsored events, local projects, sustainability programs, safety updates, and more. Subscribe here.

Website: www.mercergov.org/MIWeekly

Nextdoor.com – Admittedly, I have a mixed feelings about Nextdoor.com, an online neighborhood forum, due to some of the long emotionally charged political threads on the site and people POSTING IN ALL CAPS. (Eek! It’s the digital version of fingernails on a chalkboard.) However, I have used it to find great babysitters, dog sitters, and even a place for my extended family members to stay over Thanksgiving a couple years ago. Additionally, many people have used the forum to track down lost pets, hire trusted service professionals, and to share emergency announcements and safety information. Sign up by providing your street address and email address on Nextdoor.com. (After you sign up, be sure to adjust your communication settings to the “Daily Digest” so your email inbox isn’t bombarded with individual posts.)

Website: www.nextdoor.com

Mercer Island Distorter – A Snugbottom Family Publication, the Mercer Island Distorter, is local satire at its best. The columns “Overheard at the Roanoke” and “Advice from Mercer Island Mimsy” are LOL funny. The site is published anonymously but most certainly by a Mercer Island insider who humorously and perfectly captures some of the absurdities of our small-town island living.  Subscribe by email or follow the Distorter on Facebook.  (Print subscription info here.)

Website: www.thedistorter.com

Buy Nothing Mercer Island – This is our local Buy Nothing group, in which community members “freecycle” their stuff as well as commit free and random acts of kindness and generosity.  If you’ve spent too much time reading the political posts of Nextdoor.com, then scroll through Buy Nothing for a gratitude post, which are always a heartwarming read of how one member’s free contribution made a positive impact in another member’s life. It’s an instant mood-lifter. As you might have guessed, this Facebook group is also great for re-homing your no-longer-needed belongings and also getting free items you thought you couldn’t live without!  No commerce is allowed.

Website: Buy Nothing Mercer Island Facebook Group

What other community publications and resources do you enjoy?  Please share with us in the comments!