SJCC introduces new Strength and Conditioning program for Teens

August 29, 2015 | by Sarah Tobis

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The Stroum Jewish Community Center (SJCC) on Mercer Island is launching a new fitness program, specifically targeting high school athletes. Called Mercer Island Strength and Conditioning (MISC), the program will focus on helping high school students become well-rounded high-performing athletes through improving flexibility, mobility, speed, agility, strength, power, and fitness in a safe and effective way while preventing common sports injuries.


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Athletes will participate in a series of 4-week modules; each module consists of two classes per week, or eight hour-long sessions focused on a particular conditioning area. The program will also encourage sports nutrition and wellness.

“We know so much more now about mobility, postural distortions and patterns of movement than we did 20 years ago,” said J.D. Green, SJCC Fitness General Manager. “I see Mercer Island Strength and Conditioning as a great way to educate young athletes on how to take care of themselves, and provide a “home base” in between seasons.”

Additionally, MISC will serve as a supplement to multi-sport participation – a notion that has become increasingly popular, with recent studies showing that participating in several sports at a young age can lead to “better performance, less burnout, and more lifelong enjoyment of sports.” Just last week, dozens of sports organizations, including NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA and the U.S. Olympic Committee endorsed multi-sport participation and highlighted several risks of “early specialization,” where child athletes focus intensively on one sport year-round. Risks cited include overuse injuries in developing bodies, decrease in athletic development, and a desire to quit sports altogether.

“Early specialization may enhance a skill but it does not enhance athleticism like practicing multiple sports can,” said Richard Ginsburg, a sports psychologist and faculty member at Harvard Medical School, in a study published last year.

Registration for Mercer Island Strength and Conditioning opens Wednesday, September 2, with introductory “on-ramp” sessions starting as early as September 17. More information can be found on the SJCC website, at, as soon as registration opens.

“It’s all about the complete development of the athlete,” continued J.D. “At MISC, our team of veteran coaches will work to maximize each athlete’s unique potential by improving performance, reducing potential injury, and focusing on each individual’s specific strength and wellness goals.”

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