Born out of burnout: Technique Pilates & Fitness Studio

March 8, 2022 | by Katie Fries

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Pilates shifted Jenifer Baker’s mindset, and at Technique Pilates & Fitness Studio, she hopes to help others do the same. Baker was a runner and barre fitness enthusiast when a friend introduced her to Pilates about five years ago. “I could focus and get more of a mind-body connection, tune in with myself,” she explains. “Pilates was something I felt like I could do long term; I wasn’t suffering burnout.”

It was a different kind of burnout — from years spent working in the tech industry — that inspired Baker to follow her fitness passion that ultimately led her to opening her own studio.

“I was working full-time at Amazon when I first began to realize that movement was more than just exercise, but a passion of mine that I wanted to share with others,” she says.

In 2017, she pursued Barre training, and following her friend’s introduction began practicing Pilates a couple years later. Then early on in the pandemic when her local Pilates studio closed, Baker began exploring the idea of opening a studio of her own. She had been considering re-joining the tech world some months earlier, but didn’t find the right opportunity.

“I did not feel passionate about going back to that lifestyle. I wanted to find something that spoke to my passion, which is movement and exercise,” she says. “I was okay taking a risk to open during this time and stick with it to create something that would be sustainable and grow as we get back to normalcy.”

Baker shares that the pandemic opened her eyes to the possibility of merging her business background and love of movement. Making that vision a reality, she opened the doors to Technique Pilates & Fitness at the end of 2021.

Jenifer Baker

What to Expect at Technique Pilates & Fitness Studio

Technique offers reformer and mat Pilates instruction, as well as barre classes. All classes focus on low-impact, mindful body conditioning and moving the body in a safe, controlled way.

“The focus behind Pilates is connection between mind, body, and spirit,” says Baker. “It’s not a lot of cardiovascular work, but you’re working your core and those muscles that help stabilize the spine. You’re fatiguing them in their own way.” She recommends them for runners, golfers, or people who ski. “They’re wonderful complementary exercises.”

Barre classes combine ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates and other exercises. Baker likes these because they incorporate isometric movements to really burn out muscle groups in a way you might not be focused on if you were doing deadlifts or squats in a gym.

Technique Pilates & Fitness currently offers group Pilates and barre classes, in-person private instruction, and virtual sessions. Pricing and scheduling information is available on the studio’s website.

Technique Pilates & Fitness: 2729 78th Ave SE, (206) 234-3182,