The Boutique Lounge expands Mercer Island’s shopping scene to the South end

May 14, 2019 | by Erin Sirianni

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The Boutique Lounge recently opened in Mercer Island’s South end shopping center, giving shoppers an exciting new retail option on the island. Owner Kerry Donner, a Mercer Island native and mom of three, said she’s always been passionate about retail and finding the perfect gift. Her hope is to help make shopping and gift-giving a little bit easier for others through her new  store – a curation of “something for everyone.”

Store items include apparel for all ages, handbags, jewelry, cosmetic and skin care products, clothing and goods for babies and kids, home goods, including candles, linens, throw blankets, and office items, Mercer Island spirit wear, and much more. Her curation is inspired by her personal style and values, along with her desire to meet customers’ needs for finding essentials and special gifts.

“I try to live a very healthful lifestyle, and I try to reflect that in the products I bring in,” Kerry says. “Many of our products are organic, green, non-toxic, and vegan. For example, the chocolate we have is vegan. But I’m also mindful of the community at large. I realize not everyone needs a 100% recycle handbag,” she adds, laughing. “I try to bring in a mix.”

The Boutique Lounge is located next to Yuzen Japanese restaurant in a recently remodeled space with shelves and racks of goods, along with a lounge seating area in front and another hang out space in back, complete with a large screen tv where kids can watch tv or play video games while mom or dad shops.

In regard to choosing a location, Kerry decided on the South end of Mercer Island because she recognized that the South end needed a retail option, and the space she chose was easier to work with than other north end locations she considered. She also always knew her store had to be located on the island versus in Seattle or Bellevue.

“Growing up, we used to go on and off of Mercer Island easily, even up to four times a day. Running over to Factoria or to the mall wasn’t a big deal. But with the traffic the way it is now, islanders feel a little bit marooned,” she says. “But what if you need a gift to bring to someone’s house for dinner, and you don’t have time to run to the mall? I wanted to bring essentials to the island so people don’t have to leave it.”

Kerry has a helpful staff and team of 10, which includes her daughter Liat, currently an MIHS student who also recruited some of her friends to help with various store functions. You’ll also be likely to find the “shop dogs” Rio and Summer in the store, Kerry’s two adorable Havanese pups.

The Boutique Lounge is open seven days a week and is located at 8451 SE 68th Street, Suite 103, Mercer Island, WA in the South Mercer Shopping Center. Customers can browse products online, and even place them in online shopping cart. Then the TBL staff will package them and have them ready for in-store or curbside payment and pick-up. TBL also offers gift-wrapping, with eco-friendly gift wrap options available upon request.

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