The Mercer Island Community Fund: Building community one grant at a time since 1985

November 12, 2018 | by Erin Sirianni

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The Mercer Island Community Fund (MICF) annual donation drive is in full swing, in preparation to award grants in the spring of 2019. MICF is seeking new donors toward supporting purposeful programs and projects that serve the Mercer Island community.  

MICF will also soon be opening their grant application period for local non-profits, with a grant application submission deadline of February 15th.
Previous grant recipients have included Friends of the Library, Mercer Island Arts Council, Mercer Island Special Olympics, Youth Theatre Northwest, Senior Foundation of Mercer Island, and many others. Your local non-profit group could be next.  

About the Mercer Island Community Fund

The Mercer Island Community Fund (MICF) is a community-based public charity created for the purpose of issuing grants to local, non-profit organizations that sponsor programs and projects that benefit the citizens of Mercer Island. The fund serves as a channel through which Mercer Islanders may support community goals and interests related to the arts, social services, education, health, community development, recreation, and the environment.  

The organization has a long history. Upon the 25th Anniversary of Mercer Island (“Mercerversary”), local citizen Lola Deane wanted to make sure that sustainable funding existed for programs and projects that benefitted the community. She proposed that a community foundation be created that would be eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions to fund worthwhile local programs and projects. Proceeds from a “Mercerversary” auction provided the seed money for MICF, which was established in 1985.

Historically, grants have ranged from an annual sponsorship of Island events such as Summer Celebration and Mostly Music in the Park, to providing Island-based public charities with funds to launch new programs or to continue well-established programs. By awarding these grants MICF strives to respond to the changing needs of the Mercer Island community. Today, thanks to our generous donors, the group contributes $20,000 to $50,000 annually to non-profit organizations on the island.  In 2017, MICF proudly awarded almost $50,000 in grants.

A volunteer board of directors offers careful stewardship of the fund, which is invested through The Seattle Foundation. All board members are Mercer Island residents with an interest in making our community a better place to live.

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