The Snowiest February on Mercer Island

February 12, 2019 | by Erin Sirianni

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How is everyone faring in this snow … errr, slush? It’s hard to believe that four winter storms crossed over Mercer Island during the past eight days, dumping at least 12 inches of snow (probably more, according to reports).

Today families are figuring out a way to survive a fourth full day of canceled school. All City facilities are closed, and driving isn’t recommended “unless absolutely necessary.” Cabin fever set in long ago, and we’re now anxious for the ice, slush, and snow to melt.

Even so, the winter wonderland was beautiful while it lasted and lots of fun too. Kids and adults went out in the snow to play and enjoy the transformation of their neighborhoods. We took our boys sledding at Homestead Field and on nearby snow-compacted streets – a popular activity on streets that are too steep and slick for vehicles. While this may sound a bit unsafe, we make our boys wear helmets (more for the possibility of falling tree branches), and there are usually plenty of adults standing around socializing, who make sure no one tries anything too crazy.

The neighborhood kids also built some pretty impressive snowmen (and snow-women) and a big snow-fort, creating “bricks” from plastic storage containers. Even the local firefighters experienced some playful snow-day spirit and built a very cool snow-fire engine at the South End Fire Station (photo in our gallery below).

We were especially grateful for the continuous snow plowing and sanding of the major arterials, and the occasional snowplow that also visited our street. Thank you to the local businesses that opened their doors, even for a few hours at a time, during the snowy weather. When the roads became clear, we were glad to have a place to go to.

For those who didn’t venture out, we’re sharing some of our favorite images of snowy scenes from around the island. If you have a great #snowday photo you’d like to share, we’d love to add it to our album below (send me an email).

Stay safe and warm, friends and neighbors!

Above image: Sunset sledding at Homestead Field – photo courtesy Kevin Chou