Wildflowers on Island Crest Way

August 1, 2016 | by Erin Sirianni

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A little color goes a long way on Mercer Island, especially to brighten up the daily commute and comings and goings of residents and visitors to the island.

If you’ve traveled Island Crest Way in the last couple weeks, you’ve probably noticed the beautiful wildflowers in full bloom in the north-end median strips of Island Crest Way.

Credit: City of Mercer Island / Facebook post

Credit: City of Mercer Island / Facebook

This planting of wildflowers is new to Mercer Island and has many heads turning and wondering how they got there.

In possibly its most popular Facebook post ever, with 231 reactions (likes / loves / wows), over 30 comments, and two shares (as of this afternoon), the City of Mercer Island shared a photo and the story behind the colorful planting on the Island’s busiest thoroughfare:

“Many of you have been wondering about, and appreciating, the wildflowers in the ICW median… Yup, that new idea came from the City’s Right-of-Way Manager and his Field Team. Bravo!

The seed blend we used was designed to help the honeybee population which is in decline, and with aesthetics and drought tolerance in mind. Let us know if you have other locations in mind, and maybe we can do this elsewhere too.

Enjoy the sunny weekend.”

Many followed up the post asking about the seed blend, and the City shared that they planted a Pacific Northwest Wildflower seed blend, a 100% pure seed, non-GMO mix of 28 different wildflowers, purchased from American Meadows.

Kudos to Brian Hartvigson, the City’s Right-of-Way Manager, for his colorful vision.

Photo credit:  Blair Destro, Mercer Island resident