Swim Teams & Swimming Lessons on Mercer Island

April 15, 2019 | by Julia Hess

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Swim meet fun! Photo credit: Mercerwood Shore Club

Spring has sprung, and the time for swim team registration on Mercer Island has arrived! Here’s our annual guide to swim teams (both seasonal and year-round) and swimming lessons offered on Mercer Island.

Mercer Island Summer Swim Teams

Mercer Island summer swim teams are organized through the Mercer Island Beach Club (MIBC), Mercer Island Country Club (MICC), and the Mercerwood Shore Club (MSC). All clubs participate in Division I of the Midlakes Summer Swim League with swim and dive meets taking place on Mercer Island and the Eastside. According to Midlakes League rules, young swimmers must be members of the clubs they represent to participate in swim team. Families who aren’t currently club members might consider a summer club membership at the Mercer Island Country Club (subject to availability). MICC also offers a Summer Swim Team Jr. program (currently available only for kids ages 13 and older).

Swim team registration is kicking off this month (April) for participants ages 5 to 18. The season takes place mid-May through the end of July. Swim meets begin mid-June.  Learn more about the individual programs below:

Mercer Island Beach Club

Location:  8326 Avalon Drive, Mercer Island, WA

About:  Founded in 1954, the Mercer Island Beach Club is the oldest swim team in the Midlakes Swim League and the oldest team on Mercer Island. It began with just 5 swimmers, and now MIBC regularly has about 150 young participants every summer. MIBC swim team members learn self-discipline, goal setting, and teamwork in a fun and supportive environment. During the summer, swim team members work on stroke technique, turns, conditioning, and having fun.

Upcoming dates:

Tuesday, April 16th – Registration night
Wednesday, May 30th – Swim team registration deadline
Monday, May 13th – Opening night / First Practice

Links:  Summer Swim Team, Dive Team, MIBC Website

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Mercer Island Country Club

Location:  8700 SE 71st Street, Mercer Island, WA 

About:  Mercer Island Country Club’s swim team is the Silver Dolphins. The program offers swimmers, ages 5 – 18, a fun way to perfect competitive swimming stokes, develop starts and turns, and build physical fitness while swimming with others of the same age and ability. MICC summer swim team is a unique experience that promotes team-building skills, friendliness, and sportsmanship-like conduct in a supportive and caring atmosphere.

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday, April 24th – Super Wednesday / MICC Aquatics Event about swim team, swimming lessons
Wednesday, May 15th – Swim Team Parent Meeting (6 pm)
Monday, May 13th – First day of the pre-season
Tuesday, May 28th: First day of the regular season

Links:  MICC Website

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Mercerwood Shore Club

Location:  4150 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island, WA

About:  Our focus at Mercerwood is to ensure that every swimmer feels a sense of accomplishment and achievement, win or lose. Mercerwood has a league-wide reputation for providing positive reinforcement for all our swimmers.

Upcoming dates:

Monday, May 20th – First day of spring practice
Monday, June 24th – First day of summer practice

 Links:  Mercerwood Shore Club website

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Mercer Island Year-Round Swim Teams

Olympic Cascade Aquatics

Location:  Mary Wayte Swimming Pool, 8815 SE 40th

About:  Olympic Cascade Aquatics offers competitive swim teams for children ages 5 – 18. Teams are divided up by skill level (Novice, Junior, Senior). As one of the most successful competitive USA Swimming teams in the Pacific Northwest, OCA provides high quality professional coaching and preparation for success at the highest levels of competitive swimming. *Note: OCA will sometimes meet at different locations depending on the season. See website for more details.

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Pacific Dragons Swim Team

Location:  Stroum Jewish Community Center, 3801 East Mercer Way

About:  Pacific Dragons Swim Team (PDST) is a year-round competitive swimming team affiliated with U.S. Swimming/Pacific Northwest Swimming. Led by Pacific Dragons’ outstanding coaches, PDST seeks to create a challenging and nurturing environment by supporting their swimmers to achieve excellence in competitive swimming. For kids ages 5+ who are ready for a competitive swim team environment.

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Central Area Aquatics Team (CAAT)

Location:  Mercerwood Shore Club, 4150 E Mercer Way & Mercer Island Beach Club, 8326 Avalon Drive

About:  The Central Area Aquatics Team (CAAT) started a new program on Mercer Island in September 2016. CAAT’s mission is “to build an inclusive community committed to exemplary performance.” CAAT is one of the top teams in the region (ranked #5 by USA Swimming) and was founded in 1982. CAAT operates sites in Central Seattle, West Seattle and now Mercer Island. Practices held at the Mercerwood Shore Club, but you do not need to be a member of Mercerwood to join the team.

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Swimming Lessons on Mercer Island

Public swimming lessons are offered through the Mary Wayte Swimming Pool and the Stroum Jewish Community Center. Swimming lessons are also offered to members of the Mercer Island Beach Club, Mercer Island Country Club, and Mercerwood Shore Club (contact clubs for details).

Mary Wayte Swimming Pool

Location:  8815 SE 40th St, Mercer Island, WA

About:  The Mary Wayte Swimming Pool is owned by the Mercer Island School District and managed by Olympic Cascade Aquatics, a MI-based company that manages aquatic services and youth swim instruction.

The pool is named after Mary Wayte who grew up and learned to swim on Mercer Island. She became one of the greatest female swimmers in American history winning five Olympic medals (including two gold) at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, CA, and the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul South Korea.

Swimming Lessons:  Programs and lessons are open to the public and available for infants (6 months and older), children, teens, adults, and seniors. Swimming lessons are offered year-round for a wide range of abilities and skill levels, from recreation to competitive. Participants will complete a swim assessment to determine skill level before they are placed in a swim class.

Stroum Jewish Community Center

Location:  3801 East Mercer Way, Mercer Island, WA

About:  The Stroum Jewish Community Center (SJCC) has a 25-yard indoor pool and a 2 1/2 foot deep preschool instructional area, adult lap lanes, and a certified lifeguard on duty at all times. SJCC’s swim lessons have won several Golden Teddy awards from ParentMap for “Best Swim Lessons.”  Open to the public, SJCC has daily pass options for $12 or a weekly pass for $25. To check the hours and availability for open swimming pool times, visit their pool schedule.

Kids’ Group Lessons:  SJCC swim lessons are for kids ages 6 months – 12 years who want to learn how to swim either for fun or in preparation for joining a competitive swim team. If you have any questions about the programs, please contact Aquatics Manager Jenny Petty or call 206-388-0821.

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Private Lessons:  With award-winning swim instructors, SJCC offers private swim lessons for adults and children (ages 2+) from beginning and advanced swim levels.  If you have questions about private lessons, please email [email protected] or contact SJCC Aquatics Manager Jenny Petty or call 206-388-0821. Visit the website to learn more about rates and packages available for members and non-members.

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Special Needs Lessons:  SJCC has special needs swim programs to help children and adults with special needs learn adaptive tools for safe and fun swimming practices, as well as helping them increase mobility, function, and strength through water exercises.

Nurturing Water Therapies Adaptive Swim Lessons
From the SJCC website: “Nurturing Water Therapies offers individualized water-based therapies, exercises, and adaptive swim lessons for those with physical, sensory, developmental, neurological, or other health challenges.” Learn more about this program on Nurturing Water Therapies’ website.

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Adult Swim Classes:  With numerous swim workout classes for adults ages 18+, SJCC offers classes that focus on aquatic fitness, swimming skills, and developing better stroke techniques. Skill level for each class varies from intermediate to advanced.

Masters Swim
Swim workouts that focus on stroke technique, endurance, and overall swim fitness. All participants must be able to swim at least 100 yards doing the crawl stroke and have basic knowledge of back stroke and breast stroke.

Senior Splash
This aquatic exercise class helps improve agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. No swimming ability is required.

Aquatic Sport
This heart-pumping workout in the pool exercises your entire body with no added impact on your joints. Intermediate to advanced.

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Does your child participate in swim team or swimming lessons? We would love to hear more about your experience! Please feel free to share with us in the comments.