West Mercer

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West Mercer, know as Mercer Island’s “Gold Coast,” is made up of the neighborhoods lining the island’s western shore along Lake Washington. West Mercer is also home to West Mercer Elementary, located on West Mercer Way and 81st Ave SE.

What to Explore

Playing and exploring on West Mercer Way will inevitably lead to playing in Lake Washington. The community features around these neighborhoods are mostly beaches and waterfront landings, including the four landings in East Seattle (Slater Park, Proctor Landing, Garfield Landing, and Calkins Landing) and Groveland Beach Park. With their westside vantage points, any of these places would make a perfect spot for watching the sunset over the lake.

Groveland Beach Park features a playground area, barbecues, volleyball court, and a large sandy beach. The Groveland Park dock is a popular spot for fishing and sunbathing.  Other playgrounds in West Mercer neighborhoods can be found in Secret Park (in the East Seattle neighborhood) and Roanoke Park (in the Roanoke neighborhood).

The Neighborhoods

West Mercer is dotted with beautiful waterfront neighborhoods. From north to south, these neighborhoods include Faben PointEast Seattle, Boulevard PlaceForest Avenue, Brook Bay, Groveland, and Lakeview Highlands.  Beyond Lakeview Highlands, you’ll find houses lining lanes with charming names, including Peartree Lane, Meadow Lane, Eden Lane, along with Holly Hill Drive, Seashore Avenue and others.

Of all West Mercer neighborhoods, East Seattle, Groveland Park, Lakeview Highlands, and Forest Avenue are the largest, and each provides a distinct neighborhood feel. The waterfront homes in these neighborhoods have relatively easy access, where some waterfront lanes and neighborhoods around Mercer Island have steeper streets and driveways.

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