My MI's Top 10 Blog Posts

September 20, 2015 | by Erin Sirianni

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Top Ten Posts-3About a year ago on September 22nd, I launched My MI with a newsletter to 132 subscribers. It was a simple newsletter – just a round-up of events on Mercer Island – but slowly I’ve expanded with news stories, round-ups and features, photography, contributions from others in the community, and more.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and I’m thrilled with the enthusiasm and steady growth of this little hyperlocal publication. Over 23,000 unique visitors have landed on the website since it went live last fall, and the weekly e-newsletter now has over 850 subscribers.

My idea behind My MI was to create a fun, alternative media source to help Islanders make the most out of living in this vibrant community, and I hope that My MI has served this purpose for you.

Of 115 blog posts published, here are our top 10 stories in order of popularity so far (clearly food and restaurant choices on the Island is a topic of high interest):

  1. Albertsons closing on Mercer Island
  2. Homegrown opens on Mercer Island (my first big story!)
  3. Pagliacci Pizza to open 25th location on Mercer Island
  4. Best places to watch the Blue Angels from Mercer Island
  5. Mercer Island Summer Camp Guide 2015
  6. Hines calls it quits
  7. MI Athletic Club Grand Opening this Weekend
  8. Talk of the Town: The Hines Project
  9. New Seasons to Open on Mercer Island
  10. My MI Fitness Guide

And just barely missing the list was “10 playgrounds to explore on Mercer Island.”

Thank you to all of my readers, contributors, and sponsors. I hope you continue to enjoy My Mercer Island and feel free to get in touch with your feedback and suggestions – and news tips more than welcome as well!